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Here are our brand new colour changing LEDs


These also have a high power White LED built in So when activated in the car switch these will light up bright ice White like a normal LED with a good output onto the road, so not just for looks.


When controlling the colour change via Bluetooth on the app on your smart phone the in car switch is not needed and these LEDs will work from your phone.


With hundreds of colours to choose from, customisable settings as well as built in programs to control strobing, pulsing, rainbow effects, reaction to music, voice and more.


These are perfectly suited to vehicle fog lights and in some cases vehicle dipped beams.


The controller comes with a completely waterproof casing and screw type plugs to connect the controller to the lights in many cases these are a extremely simple fit. They come instructed. These lights are currently on pre order

Demon Eye and 6000k


    All Prices Include VAT.

    We DO NOT add VAT at the checkout, only postage.

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