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This kit is to change all the lights in your Mk7.5 Fiesta. 

Using the PWPerformance proven lighting products we have used for a long time. 


The kit is available in 3 variants 





This kit is the Premium Kit


All three have varying levels of lighting products 


Premium Kit

H7 LED - 12,000 lumen & 3400k/6000k/10000k 

H1 Halogen or H15 Halogen- 6000k

H11 LED - 12,000 lumen & 3400k/6000k/10000k

Black Edition 501 LED - 6000k ( 4 of for non ST /  3 501 & 1 festoon for ST)

2 LED Panels for the footwells

955 LED Reverse 

LED Indicator Units ( 4 units )

V2 LED Number Plate Units


Any enquiries or questions or any changes to this line up you would like to make please contact us 

Fiesta Front to Back Premium Light Pack

Footwell Colour

    All Prices Include VAT.

    We DO NOT add VAT at the checkout, only postage.

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