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H & R Supension Springs - Focus ST 250 Ecoboost - H&R Suspension

  • ISO 9601 certified, TUV approved
  • Crafted from special 54SiCr6 spring steel
  • Accepted as having the highest performance and quality by winning race teams worldwide


Specific springs for the FOCUS ST 250, lowering it by 25-30mm.
H&R springs are true performance lowering springs, not just a shorter stock spring. They are designed the way performance springs should be, with the correct spring rate and ride height for the FOCUS ST.


H&R's own standards are superior to any industry norms. All H&R products exceed ISO 9001 QAS, TUV, ABE, SAE, and DIN industry norms. Because of these high standards, H&R Germany was the first spring manufacturer to have TUV approval, first with ABE certification and ISO 9001 QAS.


H&R uses only premium wire from Thyssen, DWK, and Krupp Steel Works in Germany. These high quality mills are used exclusively, because in durability testing their wire alloys possess a much longer service life than all other wire tested. H&R's wire is the highest quality available.


Precision Manufacturing- The manufacturing process is the soul of H&R products. Specific procedures, such as on time spring tempering and SUPER-BLOK demonstrates the H&R commitment to pure quality.


In-House Powder Coating- H&R does all their own powder coating in house. H&R springs resist corrosion in warm salt spray tests in excess of 500 hours without any blemish to the surface.

H & R Supension Springs - Focus ST 250 Ecoboost


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