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Pumaspeed Plug and Play Mail Order Flash Programmer - MAXD-OUT Software
Suits all 125 PS MHEV models
Independently verified to give class leading power and more Importantly Torque
Simple plug and play custom tuning
Tune your new Fiesta 1.0 MHEV anywhere in the world
Uses any Windows based PC
95 and 99 Ron maps available
The new Ford Fiesta 1.0 MHEV is already a Pumaspeed favourite; early in 2020 we purchased our own Puma 125ps development car to get deep into the new software and MHEV power train. A stage 1 file was written after only hours of owning the car and comprehensively tested even during the unfortunate Covid-19 lock down. The lock down was a blessing in disguise for our mapping development as it gave us the time to write many new protocols and huge array of mapping changes to bring to life the most powerful mapping to the new Fiesta which retains all the standard emission features.
After a solid 2020 of road testing and dyno development, we are proud to present the new Fiesta 1.0 Hybrid Stage 1R remap with over 40nm more than any competitor mapping and around 10bhp more than other generic maps available on the market.
What do we include in the MAXD Flash Programmer?
MAXDOUT Tuning Box Fiesta Mk8 Pumaspeed Stage 1R
The kit includes all you see in the image above, the USB stick with easy to follow instructions, the connection cable and the all important communication port OBD connector. The Stage 1R remap file produces up to 160bhp and 285nm when run on premium fuel. If you more often than not use regular 95 Ron pump fuel, we can supply a slightly milder Stage 1 remap.
What is the power increased to?
There are 2 power outputs for the new 1.0 Fiesta engine, 125PS and 155PS. In the past Ford used to simply offer different levels of remapping to create the different levels of engine output. However, for the MHEV 1.0l EcoBoost platform there are some major differences between the 125PS and 155PS motors. The 155PS models have a different turbocharger, and have some internal engine changes meaning the mapping is not transferable. 
.   Ford Puma 1.0 125PS Power Graph Ford Puma 125PS Remap Hybrid Power Graph
The Results Explained.
Power is the headline number you will always see written in bold type everywhere to give credibilty to how good a remap calibration actually is, but power is calculated at very high revs... in the region of 6,500rpm in the case of this 1.0 motor, and lets face it, when was the last time you as a Fiesta MHEV driver thought about reving to 6500 in daily use? Let's concentrate on an explanation of torque then, to show you how the true drivability of the car will feel. 
Torque is the low down pulling power you experience when initially accelerating. In simple terms, the longer the remap holds onto this the better. Typically in the 1.0 MHEV Fiesta this can start as low as 1500 revs thanks to the electric motor and should hold on as long as the exhaust gas flow from the turbo will allow until around 4500rpm.
Often tuning companies get headlines for the maximum power and torque achieved by their remaps, which whilst this may win followers on social media, it doesn't win races! The area under the graph is far more important than the peak numbers in creating a faster and more effortless car, fortunately with the MAXD mapping, you don't have to compromise on either.
Realistically 1500-4500rpm tends to be where you actually drive the car on a regular basis and this is where Pumaspeed and MAXD have concentrated most of the new work with the new hybrid power train for the unbeatable MAXD Stage 1R mapping.

MAXD Flash Programmer - Fiesta/Puma 1.0 MHEV 125PS Stage 1R


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