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MAXD-OUT Mail Order Tuning Box Stage 2R - MAXD-OUT Software
Tune your ST180 Fiesta anywhere in the World
Simple Plug and Play Custom tuning procedure.
Uses any Windows based PC
Includes upto 6 maps
De Cat enabled ( No MIL Light )
Up to 254 bhp capable
13.75 secs drag time

The MAXD tuning device allows you total control of the vehicles engine calibration with the use of any Windows based PC.
This Stage 2 version of the MAXD-OUT device contains the first 4 engine calibrations to choose from not just one like other tuning boxes.

These are Stage 1 (225bhp), STAGE 1 R (240bhp), Stage 2 (235bhp), Stage 2R-Version 8 (254bhp)

The new VERSION 8 STAGE 2R IS NOW AVAILABLE, proven at 254 plus bhp, the most powerful available.

The ST180 Fiesta EcoBoost is perfect to tune. Add some simple breathing modifications and calibrate the ecu and the engine responds with a great urge without over stressing anything.

Graph showing Stage 2R VERSION 8 254bhp and 403nm torque (MAHA DYNO)

This Pumaspeed MAXD-OUT Stage 2R Tuning Box has 4 remaps, the Stage 1 versions are designed to run with the Stock Catalytic Convertor, the Stage 2 versions are designed to run with a Decat pipe. All the maps run a totally Stock engine with no need to modify the pistons or Rods.

The OE Ford Turbo will MAX OUT at around 250 bhp, even with the very best Hardware modifications available, it simply cannot flow any more air out of the exhaust side to give any extra power.
Pumaspeed set out to tune the stock motor with a Full De catted Exhaust, a full Stage 3 air induction system and State of the art intercooler and the R-Sport hot side pipe kit.add on. Combined with the Specially developed Stage 2R Version 8 Software the results have proven themselves time after time. Stock Ford Boost Peaks at 1.45 bar, we decided to run with boost peaking at 1.6 but stabilized at 1.55 Bar.

The numbers tell the story 254bhp 403nm of Torque,

This is unbeatable, FACT, its been proven on more than one occasion CLICK ANY IMAGE BELOW

There are very few remaps on the market today that have that sort or performance with the Ford OE built in safety features still included, for instance the stock boost level is 1.45 BAR, the MAXD-OUT map only lifts that to 1.6 BAR.

Testing has shown the MAXD re calibration to be one of the safest custom tuning solutions available.
These Staged mapping will suit any European Spec ST180 (Europe ,Australia and Hong Kong markets), it will work to deliver a very safe and reliable increase

VXR8 13.66 @111mph vs Pumaspeed 245R 13.75 @103 mph

--------------- Click here to link to a full News item and official 1/4 mile Drag times ---------------

More Tunes Available from MAXD-OUT .
Stage 1 - up to 225 bhp with no or minimal hardware modifications
- Smooth progressive low boost Factory like calibration, a perfect addition giving extra drivability and economy.
Stage 1R - up to 2