MAXD-OUT Crackle Map Upgrade For Exisiting MAXD Customers - MAXD-OUT Software

  • Simple upgrade for your "R" Map
  • Make your ST Crackle and Pop like a WRC EcoBeast
  • Must already have a MAXD box
  • Works in conjuction with MAXD Stage 2R, 3R and 4R Maps
  • Use of decat recommended.
  • DIY email file to use with your MAXD device.


The MAXD Crackle Map is now available as a simple upgrade file for existing MAXD customers who are already running MAXD Stage 2R, 3R or 4R software. We simply email the file to you to be installed using your MAXD box, exactly the same way your original MAXD files were installed.


MAXD originally developed this WRC style crackle mapping for VAG applications and has proven very popular over the last 2 years with Golf GTI and S3 owners. MAXD has engineered these "crackle" maps very differently from previous ones you may have seen running on Renault Clio's and Megane 225's.


Instead of adding loads of extra fuel in like the rudimentary Renault maps, the MAXD ST180 crackle map uses very specific ignition settings and uses the fuel already in the combustion chamber. Furthermore, to prevent the map from popping and banging non stop it has been engineered to make the crackling sound between a specific midrange rpm. This enables you to drive through town normally without attracting unwanted attention and giving you control of when the car crackles.


As for the sound, in our eyes it's just right, adding to the excitment and enjoyment of the car. Giving you that WRC feel when you are out on a B road blast.

MAXD-OUT ST180 Crackle Map Upgrade


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