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MAXD Stage 1 or 1R Remap for the 1.0 Turbo Fiesta - Pumaspeed Remaps

  • Smooth power delivery
  • Fitted at the Pumaspeed workshop only
  • 155-165 bhp when fitted with air filter
  • Suits 100ps, 125ps and 140ps Ecoboost cars
  • Available with De-Cat light option


MAXD in partnership with Pumaspeed have released a new range of maps to suit the Mk7 1.0l EcoBoost. All the 1.0 Ecoboost engines share common ECU software meaning that whether you have a 100ps, 125ps or 140ps model, you can benefit from the huge gains in power and torque this remap has to offer.

Like all turbocharged cars, these 1.0l EcoBoost engines respond very well to simple bolt on hardware and remaps, allowing the car to become a junior hot hatch rather than a nippy town car.

The Stage 1 MAXD Mapping hits 155bhp with a simple high flow air filter added to a stock car.
The Stage 1R MAXD Mapping hits 165bhp with similar simple modifications.


Stage 1 - upto 155 bhp with no or minimal hardware modifications - Smooth progressive power, much like the Factory calibration, a perfect addition to give extra drivability and economy.


Stage 2 - upto 178 bhp with simple DIY air filter and Exhaust modifications - A very well mannered drive with a huge amount of torque all the way to 4500 revs


Stage 3 - upto 205 bhp with all available bolt on hardware - The most powerfull safe mapping available with total reliability day to day and perfect low rev manners


Valet Mode is available on request to imobilze the Vehicle.


The tuning device is locked to the VIN Code on your car and cannot be used on any other car without a full reset which is chargeable.

MAXD-OUT Tuning Box - MAXD Stage 1 or 1R for the 1.0 EcoBoost Fiesta 155-160BHP

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