Our new to market OEM+ Ambient Lighting change kit.

Bored of that not quite red look.

Then this is that kit that changes that.

various colours available to give a fresh look to your interior lighting.

Utilising the original connectors means that this kit looks just like a stock setup so no stick on strips, no wiring needed, no piggy back fuses, no splicing existing looms.

This is the first plug and play kit of its kind available to buy.

This kit contains 5 modules that will have a colour of your choice from the available colours inside to change the colour of your factory ambient lighting.

This kit is to change; The door pocket lights - 2 of The cup holder lights - 2 of The glove box strip light - 1 of

2 Year warranty


The initial release will be to send your original connectors in to be modified. Over time we will release a further update where you can buy the connectors and receive them first then send yours in for some money back on receipt and test of functionality.

Please be careful when removing trim to remove the original units and follow the instructions that you will receive via email on how to do this. PWPerformance accepts no responsibility for any damage to trim or components when undertaking this.

This requires you to send in your current adaptors first to modify.

*SALE* PWPerformance OEM+ Ambient Lighting


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